Algernon Pharmaceuticals (AGN) CEO Christopher J. Moreau discusses how the Company has entered into a Clinical Trial Agreement with Yale University for a DMT Phase 2 Depression Study.

About Algernon Pharmaceuticals

Algernon is a Canadian clinical stage drug development company investigating multiple drugs with global unmet medical needs. Algernon has active research programs for IPF with chronic cough, chronic kidney disease, and a psychedelic program investigating a proprietary form of DMT for stroke.

Wonderland 2022

Algernon recently announced that it became the Headline Sponsor for the Wonderland conference to be held in Miami from November 3rd to the 5th, 2022. Wonderland is the world’s largest ever gathering in the psychedelic medicine sector. It provides an opportunity to discover the world of psychedelic advancements and developments along with some of the leading founders, investors, therapists, practitioners, researchers, thought leaders, innovators, and media from around the globe. CEO Christopher J. Moreau will be delivering a business Keynote Address on November 4th detailing the Company’s unique drug development model, and a science Keynote Address on November 5th, reviewing the positive preclinical science and data driving the Company’s pioneering Phase 1 clinical study of DMT for the treatment of stroke. Mr. Moreau will be joined by Dr. Rick Strassman, author of the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule and Algernon consultant, for his science presentation.